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Foamed Cellular Light Weight Concrete

Batches Cellular Lightweight Concretemay be produce by mixing the above mentioned ingredients in ready mix plant or ordinary concrete mixer. Foamed concrete is self compacting concrete requires no compaction, and will flow readily from a pump outlet to fill mould, form, restricted and irregular cavities. It can be pumped successfully over significant height and distances. The 28 days strength and dry density of the material vary according to its composition, largely its air voids content, but usually they range from 1 to 25 N/mm2 and 200 to 1200 kg/m3. The plastic density of the material is about 150 to 200 kg/m3 higher than its dry density.

GS30 and GS40 foam generator price start from 298 Euro



100% static. Alimented  with compressed air at minimum 150 Ndm³/min, min. 4 bars from one external compressor.

Foam flow 150 liter/min

Dimensions 25x50x50 cm

Weight 10 kg

He can produce foam for 30mc Foam Concrete / 8h


GS50-GS55 foam generator price start from 1090 Euro


work at 220 V monofazic
Power 2KW
Work power 1.5KW
Foam flow 200-250 liter/minute
dimensions 60 x 45 x 45 cm weight 35kg
He can produce foam for 80-100mc Foam Concrete / 8h
Protected with residual curent device at 30 mA

Continuous Cellular Lightweight Concrete production is made mixing light mortar (water with cement, fine sand with or without fly ash) and stable foam under pressure inside special static mixer.

You can deliver light mortar with a plastering machine similar PFT g4, with premixed materials (cement, fine sand and fly ash) from bags or silo.






Rendering machine PFT G4.

This machine can produce lightweigt mortar between 15 l/min at 62 l/min.
Foam is produced from special foam generator FG 120 connected with inlet static mixer SM250 near instead casting.






Foam generator FG120

He produce foam between 20 l/min amd 120 l/min, constant flow up to 4 bar pressure. Foam density could be set between 45 g/l and 90 g/l, specified by the manufacturer of foaming agent. Autlet of FG120 is coupled with a 2 meter short tube with first inlet of SM250. Second inlet of static mixer SM250 is coupled with a pressure rubber tube from mortar producer at maximum 50 meters distance and 20 meters hight.







Static  mixer SM250
Static mixer use pressure energy to mix light mortar and foam and provide foam concrete to outlet.

Foam generator FG120 and Static  mixer SM250 price start from 2230 Euro

turnat in peretefloor






In situ casting

We can produce any kind of system for producing Cellular Lightweight Concrete accordingly with client specification.